Anatolian Mother Goddess figures with large hips and full breasts originated from the 7000s BC and have taken their place at Gül Erali’s new exhibition. The goddesses have changed a great deal during their journey and currently give pleasure, to art lovers,with their rounded soft lines, feminine forms and happy expressions.

The goddesses have been at the center of many beliefs in ancient cultures. They have been burdened with different characters, functions and responsibilities. The goddesses tirelessly dealt with the word as they fulfilled their mythological roles.

Gül Erali is retiring the goddesses; now they are free!. The goddesses who successfully completed their tasks can enjoy their time!

Erali, interpreting the concept of a goddess from an ironic point of view and with current values, depicts her crazy goddess spending their time observing today’s world. The goddesses, bewildered with the complexity of human behavior and the tragicomic events on earth are quite happy that they no longer interfere with humanity.

Gül Erali, when creating her goddesses was inspired from our longing for divinity, repressed crazy drives, and the relaxing power of freedom.

Deniz Özeren