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G   Ü   L       E   R   A   L   İ
C e r a m i c   A r t

Exhibition of the Goddesses of the Earth
Cultural Office of Austria / Istanbul January 2004

 Presentation by Prof.Mehmet Zaman Saçlıoğlu

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Gül Erali , draws attention to the deep-rooted history of Anatolia with her exhibit called Goddesses of the Earth. The theme of the exhibit is woman and fertility . In my opinion, all works of this exhibit focus are settled on these two , or even yet on this one , characteristic: Soft lines, fluency bearing and cavities. Even the sharply folded surface visible on only a single work the surface of which is sharply folded has been is converted in to a woman with an abstract figuration.

Erali , has reproduced the fertility and the bearing of women in different ways. She has taken the breast forms directly from the Mother Goddess , and converted them to globe shape and placed d on the chest of the works that are clearly sure stylized women shapes. Moreover, she has transformed these globe shapes into ornaments emphasizing the feminity of women. She also strengthened these decorative characteristics with colorful glazes.


Some forms were created through with the combination of women and the faces of the sun courses or idols of 2000 B.C. The fertility abundance symbols of the Mother Goddess are also strongly visible in at these forms: The globe-like shape and the symmetry of the body. These are the round shapes, which are the symbol of abundance , and the deep, and sheltering genitals of the Mother Goddess.



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